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How Well Do we Do?

To make sure we are doing a great job we ask for feedback from all of our clients. We monitor the feedback forms to help us improve services.

99% of clients indicated on feedback that they were satisfied with services with 91% indicating that they were “very satisfied” with the services that they received.

Below is some feedback we have received from clients and referrers:

“I was a bit nervous about ACC coming to see me, but I had no reason at all. * was absolutely fantastic made me feel special, and cared for. My first experience with ACC and couldn’t got better specialist rehab person to get me through.” Client

“Could not have been better” Client

“Nice to have support for * and myself, listening ear is great” Client

"The assessor's presentation was at all times professional and educational and helpful. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you” Client

“Just want to pass on that the family were highly impressed with you and how easy you were to talk to and your professionalism and support. Well done!! – it makes everyone’s job so much easier when we have great assessor 😀” ACC

“Amazing – what an amazing job SRS has done. The difference between now and 2 years ago is mind blowing” ACC

“Although she was held up in traffic she kept me informed and was very apologetic. She was very thorough and understanding of my needs – a lovely person” Client

“Many thanks for this. Our aseessor has been an absolute star throughout this assessment and really helpful.” ACC

“Just wanted to record my thanks to the SRS team for prompt action taken regarding my client; both this week and a few weeks back when he was becoming so very unwell. Keeping our clients safe is essential, especially when needs are high and situations uncertain, and the prompt response and understanding from your team in such instances is much appreciated.” ACC

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