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Injury Support Services

Spinal Cord Injuries

The New Zealand Spinal Trust is a registered charity providing information, education, research and support for people who have spinal cord impairment (SCI). We exist to help Kiwi’s with SCI live independent, productive, confident lives right now! Plus we are also keen to share our experience and knowledge internationally and are doing so across many countries of the world.

The Spinal Cord Society NZ Inc. (SCSNZ) is a non-profit organisation working towards effective treatment for spinal cord injury (SCI). While there are numerous organisations that fund raise and act as palliative support groups, SCSNZ is the only organisation that is currently researching in New Zealand towards a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Research Trust raises funds to support the body of scientific opinion which says a cure for SCI will be found. Our goal is to enable SCI sufferers to walk again – we want people out of wheelchairs and back on their feet.

Brain Injuries

Brain Injury Support - There are 14 Regional Brain Injury Association offices providing support, education and information services throughout New Zealand.

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